Press & Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.
" They ran our of Flex-Guard at my store, I had to use another brand that used a primer. Same typical residential job as usual, but takes at least 2 more hours to complete than when I use Flex-Guard. I have been using Flex-Guard for years, can't wait till my distributor has in back in stock. Just thought I would call you guys and let you know!"

- Contractor, California-
" II really do like the simplicity of installing Flex-Guard, I have seen many improvements over the years. When I comes to crack anti-fracture membranes, I really try to avoid the others. I am in business to make money, which is easy to do with Flex-Guard's products. I even feel sorry for others watching them installing other underlayments. Flex-Guard makes sense to me. I think I been using it about 15 years now. Thanks guys!

- Contractor, Arizona
Thanks for the great product!"

"Atlanta, GA"
These are the greatest and easiest templates I've ever used. Thanks for making such a great product with so many options and comprehensive support info. I will be telling all my friends and family about your company!

- Person Name, Somewhere IL