What you don't know about Warranties CAN hurt you!

What we do and What they are.
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  •  Below are some excerpts from the linked warranties. Some I just cannot find what is guaranteed. Some you will have to follow link after link to finally see what satisfies the warranty. Usually they want to make sure you use the most expensive materials and almost non-existent installation procedures in order for you to get a real warranty. If you do not know or follow the full procedure? No Warranty. The abundant cost to do so, is not even mentioned. Some warranties will cost you a LOT of money. Just take a little time and explore and see for yourself.

Some of the examples:

  •  Did you register your job within 30 days? Sorry, Not Covered.
  • Did you use Licensed Contractor with approved trade school certification for the installer? No Warranty.
  • Was your job over 5,000 sq. ft. and you did not send in your plans for pre-approval? No Warranty.
  • Did you use some other companies ANSI 118.4 thinset mortar? Loss or drastic reduction of Warranty to 1 year.
  • Did you make a 10X10 mock up floor, have a job meeting and use every material they have listed? NO warranty.
  • Use someone's else's grout? Warranty drops to 1 year.
  • Warranty says 5 years? 15 years? Life Time? and if you read the fine print, it is a product warranties saying that their material will not rot or be defective. It does not include a performance warranty if your tile cracks.....It only looks that way! It cracks, someone else's loss.
  • You put down a 3 foot wide membrane over a crack? Unless full floor in most cases..NO warranty!
  • They say it isolates up to 3/8", or 1/8", etc. but they will not guarantee it! So look close at the verbiage.

    What is in a warranty? We make it easy to compare. Below are the links to our competitors warranties. Don't take our word for it, read for yourself.
    most likely their is NO warranty in effect at all for your past installations They are designed that way,

    Warranty Comparisons (Just Click their website link listed below)

         Sorry, on some of these searches, I could not find specific information for "no cracking" warranty.

  • Protecto-Wrap   5 year product warranty, See last page. (and here) Must use their primer or NO warranty. Scroll down to Section 7
  • Mapei  See warranty against cracking? Don't forget primer.
  • Noble Seal CIS 10 year warranty against reflective cracking up to 1/8" movement and must be full floor.
  • Schluter 10 year product "will not break down, product defect warranty
  • Customs Here you go, good luck on this one. Don't forget primer
  • HB Fuller TEC Crack Membrane don't miss the specifications needed for warranty can't find specific, here are some examples, don't forget primer!! Specifications
  • Red Guard up to 1/8" crack movement. Make sure at least 30mil thick or loss of warranty. 1 year warranty. 1.5 - 6 or more hours dry time. Typical Roll On Crack Isolation.
  • ECB from NAC ooops, forgot to register? Sorry NO warranty: "Projects must be registered within thirty (30) days of completion in order to be eligible for this warranty." Don't forget primer.
  • FLEX-GUARD WARRANTY LifeTime performance Warranty. Guaranteed to Isolation up to 3/8" lateral movement AND the FREEDOM to use ANSI 118.4 or 118.11 thinset of your choice, and still have LifeTime Warranty! Save $40 per gallon (NO PRIMER NEEDED) and labor needed to apply primer,